The epic love story The Last Train from Paris, written by Stacy Cohen, takes us on a heart wrenching and intense journey through Nazi occupied Paris. The story is about Jean-Luc Beauchamp a flourishing artist and love interest muse Natasha, a talented ballet dancer.

Romance flourishes between the two; catapulting them into a world of bliss. But before too long that world is shattered by a Nazi solider who also has eyes for Natasha. As Jean- Luc joins the Allied forces to fight for Frances liberation Natasha is left with the hardest decision of all. She must make a choice, follow her heart and risk the life of the man she loves, or give in to a monsters advances to save her one true love.

A story full of suspense and drama The Last Train from Paris leaves you turning pages to see what will happen next for these two star crossed lovers. Cohen captures

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the essence of war torn France perfectly and weaves a magical story of heartache and determination in what could be considered one of the best historical romances of the past few years. The characters in the story come alive in ways you would never expect as she expertly weaves a fictional story into one of the world’s most destructive and shameful time of history.

You find yourself routing with your whole heart for a romance that defies logic. You can sense Natasha’s angst in the decisions she has to make, and feel a palpable pain for Jean-Luc as well.

You are entranced by a love that had everything against it but still managed to flourish under even the harshest conditions. Stacy Cohen should be applauded for her tale of timeless love that endures all odds.  The Last Train from Paris is a romance that crosses time and space to leave an indelible mark on the readers heart.