Book Review: "Soul Medicine Awakening your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health and Energy”
Kathleen Albertson
Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. PhD in Holistic Nutrition. Author of "Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern Medicine." 
By Kathleen Albertson
Published on 03/25/2010
By Norman Shealy and Dawson Church Ah ha… so good to see more alternative medical works on the power of the mind! Soul medicine as primary care? Yes. You will have to read how this can happen. Energy healing starts with opening your mind. Energy follows thoughts and intentions are everything.

"Soul Medicine Awakening your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health and Energy”

Shealy, a neurosurgeon and Dawson, a clinical researcher, explains how future medicine can be more about the mind and spirit and less about medications!
This book is well researched, well written and encapsulates the history of energy healing, its mechanisms, and a “how to” self-help tool for your own personal growth. There is a fabulous chapter on how acupuncture works in electromagnetic terms.
 “Magic precedes science.” I was fascinated to read about outstanding healers of our time in conjunction with medical research proving the effectiveness of energy trials.
The book has many clinical and case studies that will educate you, and keep you turning pages for more information. It’s packed with interesting and empowering information to help you learn more.
I thought I knew a lot about the mind, body, spirit, but was happy to discover new variations on the theme.
This book is useful to the layperson, the medical community and anyone discouraged and dissatisfies with their western medicine protocols.
Life can be so much more and this book discusses how and why.
Great read!
This was a complimentary review copy.