The Well Meaning Killer

A Megan McKenna Mystery

Miranda Phillips Walker

Krill Press, June 2009, 386 Pages




Not many people would be willing to be lowered down a well to recover a corpse but FBI Agent Megan McKenna, an FBI behavioral scientist, volunteers.  The body is that of a young female victim, the third in as many weeks.   A suspected serial killer is what brought Meg to Baltimore to work with the Baltimore Police Department and specifically Detective Phil Jenkins.


This is Meg’s first assignment after a leave of absence brought about by Meg’s failure to save a child from a killer such as Baltimore PD now faces.  Max is a Labrador retriever and shares Megan’s home.  Max is a retired FBI search and rescue dog and plays a big part in this novel. 


Although Meg and Phil did not hit it off at first they are beginning to get into the swing of working together.  When Phil calls her in to let her know he has found a link between the victims.  At least two of the victims were foster children and both from the same agency.

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As the two begin their investigation, they feel that there is something off about the foster home.    The place is too quiet and no children are visible.  The parents of the victims have all moved out of state.


There is more than one mystery contained between the pages of The Well Meaning Killer and enough action to keep the reader swiftly turning pages.


Are the foster home and the serial killer in some way connected?  Will the killer be brought to justice?  This review has only touched on the characters you will meet in this book.  I think you will like Meg and want to read more about her.  Max is a dog that anyone would be lucky to own.  Be sure to pick up this first, in what I hope to be a new series, starring Megan McKenna.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid