Barbara Galutia Regis
Outskirts Press (2019)
ISBN 9781478760498
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (6/19)

“Surviving the Business of Healthcare” is written from the perspective of Physician Assistant (PA), Barbara Galutia Regis. As a 4th generation family practice provider she brings her unique insight and knowledge about the healthcare industry, using this platform to clear up common misconceptions and educate the public.  Her goal with this book is to help patients make informed and effective decisions about their healthcare.

The book is a quick and easy read considering the subject matter. Regis breaks down several topics into short 2-3-page chapters making it easy to reference without getting bogged down in too much medical/healthcare terminology. While I can appreciate this big-picture approach, there were several topics that left me with more questions than answers, and I personally would have enjoyed a more drilled-down presentation. That said, the questions incited by this reading will definitely provide a good conversation outline for the next visit to one’s healthcare provider.

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There were several chapters that spoke to me directly, I’ll just highlight a couple for the purpose of this review. Chapter 10 – Protecting Our Loved Ones: Elder Abuse left a mark on my heart. You just don’t want to believe there are people out there that take advantage of those who can’t protect themselves.  It serves as a reminder to be ever diligent and aware when it comes to our loved ones. Chapter 17: Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications and Supplements: It Pays to Shop was an eye-opener, reminding readers that you can still ask for a paper prescription – you don’t have to fill your medication where your provider wants you to fill it. Also, it’s worth the slight inconvenience of the time it might take to shop around for the best price – some of the examples cited by the author were astounding!

“Surviving the Business of Healthcare” reads a lot like a memoir, the first several chapters are all about the author and her journey to becoming the type of person and healthcare professional she is today. Her passion and personality shine through every page. The down-to-earth writing style, the reminiscing of days gone by, the admiration for her father and others in the field -- readers will feel like they know the author and are on a first name basis with “Barbara” by the end of the book. To add to the nostalgic tone, at the end of many chapters there is a short section called, “A glimpse into our not-so-sleepy town…,” in which the author shares a bit of history about the quaint Pennsylvania town of her childhood.

Overall, I found “Surviving the Business of Healthcare” by Barbara Galutia Regis an enlightening book about several need-to-know issues surrounding healthcare, and an inspirational story about one woman’s journey in the world of healthcare.