Patricia Hamilton Shook
Outskirts Press
ISBN 9781478792048
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (4/19)

“Seeking Glory” is author Patricia Hamilton Shook’s debut novel and I can honestly say it is an amazing fast-paced read, full of twists, surprises and intrigue.

Kate Larue, divorced and estranged from her daughter Ally, is the co-owner of Sea Witch, an upscale boutique on Cape Cod. When she receives a call from a social worker at San Francisco General stating her daughter is in critical condition, her life will never be the same. When her daughter passes away, Kate finds out she is a grandmother of a non-speaking four-year-old granddaughter, Glory.

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Returning to Cape Cod, Kate tries to balance work and gaining the trust of Glory while at the same time trying to find treatment for her and discovering where her daughter had been for the past ten years. Kate living a very independent, somewhat lonely life begins to analyze her relationship with her daughter and her divorce from her ex-husband, David. Kate has little to go on - a birth certificate and a couple of photos from Ally’s apartment but she is determined to find out all she can about her daughter’s past life to find closure for herself as well as help her granddaughter.

The author provides such detailed descriptions of Cape Cod readers will feel the breeze on their face as they discover the nuances of tourism, eateries and boutiques. Her ability to provide Kate with the relentless pursuit of discovering more about her daughter puts readers side by side with her as she enters the hospital, and investigates a yoga wellness center, and a possible cult commune while dealing with her aggressive ex-husband.

Shook’s background in psychology certainly lends itself well in this page-turning read. There are several subplots intertwined throughout the book which lead up to a shocking end. I appreciated that she addressed spiritual loss but did not go overboard on it.

Overall, I highly recommend “Seeking Glory” by Patricia Hamilton Shook for the suspense and finding oneself with regards to relationships, and friendships, while still maintaining independence. This is a fast-paced, can’t-put-it-down read on soul-searching, loss and reconciliation. Well done.