Book Review - Rise the Phoenix by Ely Page
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Published on 04/12/2019
An Apocalyptic Horror

Book Review - Rise the Phoenix by Ely Page


Ely Page
BookBaby (2019)
ISBN 9781543960266
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/19)

“Rise the Phoenix,” by Ely Page takes off quickly with a cataclysmic event. Much of the human population is wiped out when massive earthquakes strike all over the world. A young man named Dylan was lucky to be protected in a freezer when a quake hits while he is at work. Little does he know that a higher power has plans for him to direct the battle that is about to be waged against humankind.

Dylan and other survivors feel compelled to go to an older minister’s home. The minister has been preparing for this group to join him. Visions have shown him that he needed to prepare for a journey that the survivors will take to get to a safer place. Relationships are forged as the group bonds with each other. Their journey is difficult because they are frequently under attack by evil beings. As time passes, they find themselves fighting increasingly intense battles against otherworldly creatures who hope to destroy mankind. Visions help guide this specially selected group of people. They each use whatever talents they have not only to survive, but also to rebuild the population of earth. The final battle will decide if their efforts were worth it.

“Rise the Phoenix,” tells an incredible tale that immediately had me hooked. As a fan of post- apocalyptic stories like Walking Dead and Z Nation, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the author created an epic fantasy that follows the genre but also offers something more, by taking the battles that are being waged on Earth into darker realms.

The author also has a gift for creating flawed characters that evolve as time passes and they survive challenges that are placed in their path.  The protagonists are trying to survive in a world with limited resources and the struggle felt real to me. The addition of higher beings like angels and Jesus allows for the story to have more depth than most others like it. The visions and other worldly creatures also help bring this adventure to life. The scenes are brilliantly described in vivid detail. This is especially apparent during the battles. Readers will find themselves holding their breath, like I did.

I loved reading “Rise the Phoenix,” and I regretted that the book had to end. I truly hope that there will be more stories to follow! Fans of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction will love “Rise the Phoenix” by Ely Page.