Readable Classics Jane Eyre
Andrea Asay
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By Andrea Asay
Published on 02/16/2010
The lightly edited version of the Bronte classic Jane Eyre, opens the door for modern readers to enjoy a literary masterpiece.

Jane Eyre
The Readable Classic Jane Eyre was nothing less than a treat to read. Lightly editing the original manuscript so that it is an easier task for today’s reader, Wayne Josephson opens the door for a whole new generation of people to love this classic tale. Mr. Josephson has kept the story true to it’s roots while allowing a easier read for those who are not exactly comfortable with the normal Bronte style.

The classic gothic novel Jane Eyre, a biography of the title character, is a chronological tale of heartache, hardship and love that can bare all things.  A tale, full of sorrow and adversity follows Miss Eyre from an awkward and peculiar child, to an opinionated and strong young woman. 

The story begins when Jane is a small girl living with her aunt and cousins in Gateshead Hall. Orphaned as a baby, Jane has lived with her uncle’s family since infancy. Not long after Jane comes to live with them, her uncle dies, but not before making her aunt promise to keep Jane on as “one of her own.” Her Aunt the menacing Mrs. Reed, despises Jane and her different nature, as she allows her children to torment the girl. It is not long before a painful confrontation with her cousin John, forces a small Jane to defend herself and earning a night in the infamous “red room.”

After that night it is not long that Mrs. Reed sends Jane off to boarding school, the dark and dreary Lowood school for girls, where the girls are forced to live off meager rations of food and hearty helpings of bible study. It is there where Jane makes her first friend, and in doing so feels for the first time in her young life the joy of acceptance.

During her time at Lowood, she begins to grow from odd girl into a self-assured young woman. It is after being there for eight years, six as a student and two as a teacher, that she becomes restless and is ready to embark on her journey into the world. By placing an advertisement to procure a new position as a governess Jane is accepted into the grand estate of Thornfield. There she meets the mysterious Mr. Rochester, and in doing so,  is swept away into one of the most famous love stories in literary history.

The Readable Classic Jane Eyre is a story that will captivate your romantic soul. The light editing of Wayne Josephson has allowed the reader to focus on the beautiful tale of one Miss Jane Eyre instead of being tripped up by the sometimes difficult original text.