Book Review - Yes the World is Round Part I by Donna Hill
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Published on 11/25/2018
Seeing the World Where Only Boats Can Go

Book Review - Yes the World is Round Part I by Donna Hill


Donna Hill
Oriole Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9780995057944
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (11/18)

“Yes, The World Is Round Part I” by Donna Hill is the bold and gutsy journey of the author and her husband’s five-year sailing adventure from England to Fiji on a sailboat. Readers will experience first-hand the excitement, obstacles and pain the couple encountered using the water as their highway, often getting to remote destinations that were only accessible by boat.

It was inspiring to hear the author note: “The truth is I was never fond of water; I was one of the few kids who never learned to swim in my hometown’s swimming hole.” Also, she states “And the fact that the journey was carried out by a married couple who are still married, is one of the greatest accomplishments of the voyage.” I for one cannot imagine taking a journey like this with my husband and remaining married. I can only imagine the stress, decision-making and detailed planning that occurred.

The chapter on ‘Crossing the Atlantic’, and the detailed preparation left me breathless. I feel my husband, and I are very organized, detailed and prepare well for anything, but I will say the author has me beat hands down. Knowing that one will be at sea with no corner store to purchase supplies or a place to get boat repairs means one has to prepare for every little thing. The author had me laughing at going to a store to get supplies and food when everything was in Spanish and having to sometimes second guess what the labels said. It reminded me of living in Germany, not knowing any German and having to get used to the idea that if you saw something you wanted to purchase, you’d better get it as it might not be there the next time.

Hill’s extraordinary vivid descriptions of each place they visited, people they met and mishaps that occurred are entertaining and provide readers with the opportunity to travel on the journey with them.  At the end of the book, the author also provides, among other things, great information on the history of each place, memorable meals, place names and players in the story.

As the book is quite lengthy with so much detailed information, “Yes, The World Is Round,” by Donna Hill is not a book you can breeze through; so take your time and enjoy it, a little goes a long way. Overall, it is well written, researched and captivating, especially for adventurous travel buffs.