Allan Arnold
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781478798149
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (10/18)

“How We Perceive Reality” by Allan Arnold is a 30-page scientific explanation on a philosophical question: Is what surrounds us real? Or, what is reality? As a retired aerospace engineer who worked on the Apollo among other high-tech projects, the author applies his scientific knowledge to this philosophical question to explain what reality is for humans, based on the affirmation that ‘our brain defines reality’. To do this Arnold takes the reader on a journey from the micro world to the macro world. He deconstructs what happens within biologically when simple life forms and how complex life as humans take in the outside world that surrounds us and what it is made of vs. what we perceive. If this sounds complicated it’s because it is! However, the author does an awesome job simplifying it for the reader.

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Allan Arnold produced a thought-provoking short read which will linger within the reader’s mind for days. His unique premise of answering a universal philosophical question scientifically makes this book a must read for anyone looking to enrich their mind. Having said that, I did find it a little repetitive at times, although I wonder if that was unavoidable when simplifying such a complicated argument. I think the essay style format he chose made it feel more like a conversation instead of a science paper, which made it more welcoming to non-tech readers like me.

Overall “How We Perceive Reality” by Allan Arnold is an interesting scientific and biological point of view of our reality which shows the reader facts of what actually exists vs. what we perceive. It does not go into spirituality, which he explains as nonexistent. Yet, whether the reader is spiritual or not, “How We Perceive Reality” does provide a wealth of information of the mechanics of the physical world and the biological process involve on how we take in what surrounds us. Definitely a must read!