Book Review - Weeds of Dewey-Humboldt Arizona by Garry Rogers
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Published on 10/18/2018
An excellent field guide!

Book Review - Weeds of Dewey-Humboldt Arizona by Garry Rogers


Garry Rogers
CreateSpace (2018)
ISBN 9781987670820
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (10/18)

 “Weeds of Dewey-Humboldt Arizona” by Garry Rogers is an excellent, thorough field guide of weeds located in Dewey-Humboldt (D-H), Arizona.

 In the writing of this book, the author set out to identify the weeds currently present in D-H (along those that will be present in the future), and to determine whether the weeds located in D-H are a valuable resource for the people and wildlife populations. This sounded like a laborious task and I was curious to find out more, particularly the value of weeds since I’d always assumed they were ultimately just a nuisance!

 “Weeds of Dewey-Humboldt Arizona” contains a concise and informative introduction about the lives of weeds including how they establish and spread, how invasive weeds are introduced, and a section on controlling weeds. One of the things I found interesting is that weeds provide an important function in preserving what man is destroying. By likening the purpose of weeds to that of EMS and first responders, Rogers paints a clear picture of the importance of these plant sources in such a way that a novice can understand.

The remainder of the book contains specific information on the various weed species located in D-H.  Featuring 149 species, each one is highlighted to include detailed descriptions and prominent traits, as well as lovely drawings and colorful photos. I was delighted to see a few photos starring our friends from the bee population! Most amazing to me is that many varieties I regarded as common flowers and plants, including purslane, larkspur and sunflowers are actually weed species!

“Weeds of Dewey-Humboldt Arizona” is an educational and enlightening reading experience.  The author, Garry Rogers, is an advocate for nature and wildlife conservation and has written many books on the topics. Though I can’t speak to the other books he has written, Rogers’ passion for nature is clear in the amount of research and work he put into producing this text and I recommend it to all nature enthusiasts and students.  Even if you don’t live in Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, I bet you will discover some species similar to those in your area.  It might even spur an interest in your local landscape!