Book Review - Insomniac Dreams by Mark Gaedtke
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Published on 10/9/2018
Easy to read, witty and full of just plain crazy thoughts!

Book Review - Insomniac Dreams by Mark Gaedtke


Mark Gaedtke
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781478723226
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (10/18)

From one insomniac to another, author Mark Gaedtke gives me more creative things to ponder on nights (which are most) I can’t sleep. Just open “Insomniac Dreams” to any page, and you will find the most humorous, clever topics to amuse oneself.

Gaedtke covers topics he has written about while writing for his local paper “The Tomahawk Leader.” Although the book is slim, not a page goes by that doesn’t make one think twice about a particular topic even though it may be normally inconsequential.

‘Put Down the Bag and Step Away from the Chips’ had me falling on the floor laughing. It reminded me so much of my husband who feels that no fragment of chips should escape his lips and like the author it is his mission in life to get every last one of them.

I found it quite funny rather than looking things up to gather more information, Gaedtke makes wild stabs at what he thinks it is all about. After all, it takes time and energy to look things up. One has to have a warped sense of humor to continually come up with such witty thoughts as the author has, however I did find that stories about squirrels and kayaking to be a bit repetitive for me.

‘What About the Dung Beetles’ was not only hilarious but interesting. Given that dung beetles maintain a straight line by celestial navigation. The author goes on to say that scientists from Sweden’s Lund University tested the hypothesis by outfitting some beetles with tiny visors to block their view of the sky! As the author says, where does one find tiny visors for dung beetles? Do they even have heads? As an individual who has done many studies and research papers during graduate work, I found this to be an unbelievably, funny study.

Having read a few books on random musings by other authors, I have to say Gaedtke makes a lot of sense. I enjoyed many of the topics he chose and found his point of view to be refreshing while giving one the opportunity to get to know what makes him tick. Easy to read, witty and full of just plain crazy thoughts - I recommend “Insomniac Dreams” by Mark Gaedtke for anyone who loves humor that makes them laugh throughout the day causing others to wonder what they are laughing about.