Jim Taylor
Crosslink Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9781633571365
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/18)

In the beginning, Adam only had one law that he could break. That was to take fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  According to Genesis 1:29-30 Adam and Eve were created in a perfect world. There was no sin, suffering, violence nor death. Adam’s sin against humanity brought all these things into this world. Romans 5:12-21, “God’s grace is greater than all sin.” God sacrificed his only son to remove original sin which was brought into the world by Adam. Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross did away with original sin. Jesus’s sacrifice brought us forgiveness of sin and eternal life. The second coming of Christ will end death and allow for the resurrection of the dead.

The author, Jim Taylor, is a minister in the Church of Christ. He wrote “The Power of the Cross Unveiled and Revealed in Jesus” to share the story of Jesus Christ and explain how his great sacrifice on the cross allowed Adam’s transgression to be forgiven, which in turn removed the stain of original sin from all people.

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The author provides us with a literal translation of the bible so that we gain a better understanding of the events that happened in the bible that eventually led to Christ’s death. He provides a great deal of discussion about what happened in the garden with Adam and Eve. Other great historical events, such as Noah and the flood are also discussed.

Moving on to the New Testament, we learn about Joseph and Mary before Christ was born. Taylor also takes us through what that led to the crucifixion, what happened when Christ was in the tomb and what happened after his resurrection. Throughout all of this, we are reminded that Christ did this so that we could be freed from our sins and be granted eternal life.

“The Power of the Cross Unveiled and Revealed in Jesus” is beautifully written. Taylor not only takes us through what happened in both the Old and New Testament, but he also feeds a desire for the reader to want to learn more about the bible and encourages readers to study the bible carefully.

“The Power of the Cross Unveiled and Revealed in Jesus” by Jim Taylor would be a great gift for someone who is newly exploring the bible because the author explains everything really well. He also discusses how carefully the bible was translated so that the reader will feel more confident about selecting a particular translation to read.  Readers who would like to get back into studying the bible will also appreciate Taylor’s writing. I feel like it rekindled a spark of interest in me to continue to explore more. I think most readers will relate to this.