Run Dog Run

By: Kathleen Kaska
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Publication Date: March 2017
ISBN: 978-1626946279
Reviewed by: Anita Lock

A supposed time of respite turns into a traumatic animal rights’ situation in author Kathleen Kaska’s first book of a new animal-rights mystery series.

Kate Caraway and her husband Jack head to Texas after a five-year researching stint that ends badly in Nairobi, Kenya. Staying near the Rodríguezes, their longtime friends, Kate and Jack look forward to a time of respite. Unfortunately, their goddaughter Rosa Linda Rodriguez gets Kate involved in an animal rights issue regarding greyhound racing. Ironically, the issue is in connection with Guy Fordyce, a friend of the Rodríguezes, who is involved in the greyhound racing business. Even though Kate is a seasoned animal rights activist, what she doesn’t anticipate is the grisly death of Jesus, Rosa’s informant.

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