Broken Chord: A great read to curl up with
lisa BrownGilbert
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By lisa BrownGilbert
Published on 04/16/2018
The following is a review of the book Broken Chord a country music based thriller by Alice A Jackson.

Book Review of Broken Chord
Alice A. Jackson’s Broken Chord: A Music Row Mystery, offers a compelling collaboration of love betrayal, passion, intrigue, and murder set in Nashville’s famous Music Row. Captivating from the outset, we meet relatable protagonist, the beautiful but middle aged-beleaguered, Sarah Ann Boswell. She finds herself beset by the throes of a middle of her life crisis, when not only does she turn fifty years old, loses her husband to unfaithfulness and divorce, and feels largely ignored by her children, as well as finding herself unceremoniously fired from her job. At a loss for direction or self-esteem, Sarah Ann does the unthinkable and tries to take her own life; nevertheless she survives with the staunch love and support of her long time friends, her prayer group. While hospitalized Sarah Ann meets godsend, the savvy, smart and talented, Jill Edgerton, who offers her the promise of a renewed life with an offer to join Edgerton Group, her Nashville based talent management firm. Accepting the offer, Sarah Ann embarks on a new and happier journey through life and into the alluringly lucrative world of the country music business. They strike country music gold with the advent of newly discovered artist Jared Parson. Although he’s handsome, talented, and virile he also seems to harbor a secretive side. Besides turning out to be a cash cow for Edgerton group, Jared also starts to cause a divide between partners Sarah Ann and Jill, as an illicit relationship forms between him and Jill. Moreover, events take a turn for the twisted and mysterious when Jill Edgerton is found murdered, leading to an investigation focusing on multiple, possible suspects including Sarah Ann. Wholly entertaining, Broken Chord: A Music Row Mystery turned out to be an enjoyable read that moved as a crescendo does, steadily paced with slow building intensity that culminates into a well orchestrated conclusion. The story itself was well written. Author Alice A. Jackson writes in a literate, polished, easygoing style, while the overall story keeps you engaged with its setting, plot twists and cast of resonate, fleshed out and likable, characters. I especially liked Sarah Ann, whose honorable personality, struggles and triumphs were easy to commiserate with. Additionally, the character of Jared Parson was also done well; he was a character whose formidable personality made him an engaging personality, albeit it was a “love to hate” connection. This book would make a terrific read for adult fans of mystery reads.