Robert Aparicio
Outskirts Press (2017)
ISBN 9781478764069
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/18)

I must be honest, when I received “The Closing Price: Follow Any Stock -Volume 1” by Robert Aparicio I panicked, as I opened the book and found chart after chart from beginning to end. Not only is there no explanation on what the symbols mean, there is no introduction, no glossary and no interpretation or analysis about the data presented. Other than the short one-paragraph synopsis on the back cover and the author’s bio, also on the back cover, there is absolutely nothing printed in this book that will tell or guide the reader on how to read the content presented in all 614 pages of the book. There, I got that out of the way!

So, my review on “The Closing Price: Follow Any Stock -Volume 1” will not be based on writing or veracity of content, nor will it be judged by product quality, as for me to do so will require that I do the same research done by the author to check that the data on each chart is correct. Given the fact that not only are there no book elements in this publication to judge, such as writing style, voice, flow, grammar, originality of content, etc., the back cover also states that, “this book shows the reversals any stock makes and that’s it.”

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Based on this statement, I must say that the author accomplished his goal according to my research of what a reversal is and how this type of charts can help stock investors make informed decisions when looking for where to invest.  The charts are courtesy of, so I visited the website and found my way to some information on them and what they represent which helped me to conclude that the group of charts included in this volume is a tool to help the investor find trends through reversal patterns on a company’s stock.

Given that I am a retired accountant and business analyst, (and have followed the stock market on and off generally speaking, although not for my own interest), I really wanted to make sense of the purpose of a publication like this one, so I decided to go to Amazon and check out if in its listing there was more information on who would benefit by reading it. There I found that its synopsis stated that in order for the reader to grasp the information or subject, they need to read both volumes.

To conclude, “The Closing Price: Follow Any Stock -Volume 1” by Robert Aparicio is a collection of detailed stock data which focuses on reversal patterns in day to day stock market activity presented in charts. This collection should be helpful to any reader looking to make an informed investment decision based on the market trend, by analyzing such charts. I can’t judge the information but can say that by itself the publication is not effective to regular readers as there is no guidance whatsoever on how to read or interpret the data. That is why I can recommend this book only to experienced stock investors who would like to have the reversal pattern data on charts for the first half of this decade to analyze and make their own conclusions on trends before investing.