An Excellent Suspense Thriller Where Reading is Fun!

By Where Reading is Fun!
Published on 01/17/2018
I must admit there aren’t too many books that really grab my attention and keep hold of it all the way to the end. The Cold Kiss is an exception.

Nate and his pregnant girlfriend Sara leave Minnesota and plan to drive to Reno to get married and start a new life. They are both trying to forget their past lives and begin new ones.

When Nate and Sara stop at a diner, they noticed a man who had a terrible cough. As they were leaving the diner, the man confronted them and offered to pay $500 for a ride. Nate did not want to take the man in the car but Sara’s eyes lit up when she started thinking about what she could do with $500. So, against Nate’s judgment, they agreed to take Syl in their car. It started snowing.

Along the way, Syl sounded deathly sick with his constant coughing and even at times spitting up blood. The snowstorm got worse and Nate pulled into a motel. At first it didn’t look like the motel was open. When Nate turned to look at Syl, he believed he was dead in the backseat.

It turns out that Syl’s suitcase was filled with money – two million dollars. Nate decided to let Syl’s body outside by the snowdrifts. All he could think about was all that money. He and Sara could start a new life and have everything they ever wanted.

Inside the motel, Nate and Sara meet other people who are staying there. Things become very complicated when others find out about Syl and the money. We all know what happens with greed. In fact, there is an old saying “money is the root of all evil”.

What do Sara and Nate do with the money?

The Cold Kiss is filled with twists and turns. The plot might not be entirely new but John Rector really knows how to work through things to keep you in the dark. I just could not wait to turn the next page. This book has it all – a seedy motel, unusual characters and lots of suspense. John Rector does an excellent job of painting descriptions of the characters where the reader could envision them.

And….wait until you get to the ending. I read this on my Kindle and kept trying to turn to the next page but to my surprise there were no more pages to the book. That’s all I’m going to say. Maybe this was done on purpose because there will be a sequel. I sure hope so!