Mary Greenwood
iUniverse (2017)
ISBN 9781532031168
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/17)

I was drawn to “How to Negotiate Like a Pro” by Mary Greenwood right away, as I have always thought negotiating as a given talent that I totally lack. The book establishes from the beginning the author’s experience in professional negotiations as an attorney, human resources director, mediator, etc., but I found it interesting that she actually included in her repertoire her experience in negotiation as a Mother. When I read that I realized, this was a book I definitely want to read to truly understand the skill of negotiating.

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Greenwood first tackles the topic by placing the reader in front of the negotiation process, helping them before it begins, to determine the goals they should focus on when going into the first negotiating meeting. The information is first presented within the process, by providing rules and a script along with examples of strategies and other tips. It then continues through different types of negotiations and “how-to’s.”

Overall, I found the author did an awesome job presenting the reader the ballpark information needed to prepare, conduct and close a negotiation, regardless of whether at a professional or personal level. My favorite part of this book was the scripts, as it actually provided me with words as instruments to apply a negotiation strategy. In this sense I found this book very helpful because I could actually put the information into action right away on the less formal types of negotiations we all have with our family members, friends, and even co-workers. By doing, so I was surprised on how confident I felt going into a more formal level when negotiating with a customer. I definitely will keep this book as a great guide for myself!

“How to Negotiate Like a Pro” by Mary Greenwood is an awesome, short, to-the-point guide which provides basic and useful information for the negotiator in all of us! I recommend it to everyone who thinks they lack the skill like I did!