The King's Daughter, A Novel of the First Tudor Queen by Sandra Worth.
Angela Simmons
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By Angela Simmons
Published on 01/8/2010
Sandra Worth has brought us a brilliant combination of history, mystery, and fiction with her story about Elizabeth of York. The only woman to have been a daughter, niece, sister, wife, and mother to an English King.

The King's Daughter, A Novel of the First Tudor Queen by Sandra Worth
Elizabeth of York is brought to life in Sandra Worth’s novel THE KING’S DAUGHTER, A NOVEL OF THE FIRST TUDOR QUEEN.

Elizabeth of York, daughter of King Edward IV, lived the life of a true princess of England. A beloved princess to her father, she finds that upon his death she is to be used as a political pawn by her ruthless mother. After her father’s death the world she was accustomed to no longer exists. Fleeing into the safety of the sanctuary with her mother and siblings after her fathers brother Richard claims the crown as his own. To soon are they forced to hand over the true heirs of the throne. King Richard soon comes to reveal the secret plans he made to save the lives of his young nephews. Welcoming Elizabeth to back to court, she soon finds that she is falling deeply in love with her uncle the King. With King Richard’s wife, Queen Anne dying, Elizabeth with the aid of the Queen is pushed upon the King. Although a happy ending was not theirs to have. Rumors soon start circulating about Richard poising his wife to wed his niece, forcing Richard to deny them. Soon he must defend his kingdom against Henry Tudor. Struck by grief he rides into battle only to be slaughtered. Elizabeth has lost it all her father, and now the man she loves, she now knows that is her responsibility to protect those she loves. Marrying the new King Henry Tudor she has ended the bloody wars know as The War of the Roses. Although the new Queen now finds that she has no power with the King. She is more like a captive than a queen, constantly guarded by the King’s mother and spied on by the King’s spies. Unable to help those she loves, and holding little sway over the King’s decision Elizabeth focuses on raising her son Arthur to be a goodly and just king. Little by little Elizabeth finds that she has come to care for Henry. Soon their world is threatened by the uprising a man who claims to be one of the princes in the tower. Could this be Elizabeth’s brother coming to claim the crown that is rightfully his? Henry is quick to dispel any claims that this pretender may hold and executes all those associated with the previous Kings. Elizabeth will never know if he was indeed her brother. Upon her death Elizabeth is finally reunited with the King she loves Richard.

A once forgotten queen takes center stage in this gripping historical novel. Methodically researched and extremely well written, THE KING’S DAUGHTER, A NOVEL OF THE FIRST TUDOR QUEEN will pull on your heart-strings. Sandra Worth has a magical way of combing fiction and history so the reader is drawn into the heart of the book. Rich in detail, nothing has been overlooked in this breathtaking novel of love and loss. In THE KINGS DAUGHTER, A NOVEL OF THE FIRST TUDOR QUEEN Sandra Worth has included all the trappings and intrigues associated with court. On occasion you will read a book in which the story and characters have been so well defined that it will linger in your memory for all time, THE KING’S DAUGHTER, A NOVEL OF THE FIRST TUDOR QUEEN is indeed that book.

I do have to say that this has to be one of my favorite books that I have read for a long time. I enjoyed they way that Sandra Worth has humanized King Richard III instead of choosing to make him out as the villain. She has also shed a new light on the only woman to have been daughter, mother, wife, and niece to the Kings of England. I would highly recommend this book to those who like both history and a love story.

Thanks to the author, Sandra Worth, I received this free copy of The King's Daughter, A Novel of the First Tudor Queen.