Crown and Country, a Personal Guide to Royal London

By His Royal Highness Edward, Earl of Wessex

Publishing Company- Universe Publishing © 1999

ISBN 0-7893-0478-3 $35.00


The Earl of Wessex Edward, takes readers on a personal tour of Royal London in this interesting book. Complete with a map of London, chronology of the King’s and Queen’s of England relating to their contributions to the city, and interesting facts and stories. HRH Edward gives readers and in-depth guide to each historic place in London.

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HRH Edward has included the mystery, history, facts, and fables of London landmarks such as the Tower, London Bridge, the Docks, Greenwich Palace, Eltham Palace, Richmond Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and many more sites. I was fascinated not only by the information in the book but also the never before seen pictures that was included. For one who is interested in Tudor history particularly the reign of Henry VIII this is a treasure chest of information. Included in this book is a painting of the much discussed destroyed palace that Henry VIII created Nonsuch Palace, named so because non-such existed before Henry VIII built it. There is also a never before seen painting of King Henry VIII with Cardinal Wolsey, also included is a painting of King Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves that is hanging in Blackheath Castle, (the place where Henry met Anne of Cleves for the first time) which is included. Although the book is full of information pertaining to Henry VIII, there is wealth of knowledge on the other rules as well as information on the commoners.

My favorite parts included

-The Fact, Fable, Fiction categories included along with each landmark, that focuses on the rumors associated with each place.

-The never before seen paintings.

-The brief timelines included.


Crown and Country is from my own personal collection.