“Jane Eyre” is a narrative of an orphan, raised by a controlling aunt. She becomes a governess, falls in love with a highly mysterious man, who ask for her hand only to have fate intervene. Full of mystery, love, loss, and self discovery. We see Jane come to life in this classic tale, as well as see her come into her own. A true heroine of the story, who has so much to overcome.

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“Jane Eyre: Readable Classics” by Charlotte Bronte and Wayne Josephson, is the same story told with a more modern language. Although it still has the same context of the classic story of life, love, and loss, we have fondly come to love I feel that in some retrospect it lost the classic feel. Yes, it is a condensed version with Wayne Josephson leaving out bits and bobs of the story it indeed had the same skeleton although I felt it lack a little heart. Although many readers who struggle to understand the language of Charlotte Bronte’s time will be able to read and enjoy this novel. It would be the perfect book to start off a classic book collection.