Book Review - Something About Ann by J. Everett Prewitt
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Published on 06/30/2017
5*A must read for all who are interested in brotherhood, bonding, passion and survival.

Book Review - Something About Ann by J. Everett Prewitt


J. Everett Prewitt
Northland Publishing Co. (2017)
ISBN 9780998193137
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (6/17)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Something About Ann’ by J. Everett Prewitt on Blogcritics.

“Something About Ann,” by J. Everett Prewitt is an excellent book of short stories including a novella of the same name, that will touch the heart of all.

As a military “brat,” family member, and Psychologist for the military, each of the short, compelling stories hit home for me. I have seen so much of what Prewitt so vividly describes, I found I could relate closely with each of these men.

The stories narrate the horrific experiences encountered by the “Seven” and how those experiences continued to haunt them through adulthood. Prewitt’s realistic depiction of the war never leaves one’s mind as it plays out in the men’s daily lives.

Each character relies on his survival skills to try to develop a peaceful mind, which causes conflict, anger, non-existent social skills. Clarence Blankenship encounters a Vietnamese woman at a party and his anger is in full force. He finally comes to the realization that both sides suffered and lost loved ones.  I related to Xavier in another story, as he like many of us, come to realize that life lessons are often learned in the most unlikely places.

Prewitt, a Vietnam Vet and former Army Officer, has taken his experiences and realistic writing skills and constructed insightful narratives using some of his friends, from home life on the street and the continual battle with the street and demons in their minds. He is very transparent in his description of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Prewitt’s writing is emotional and engaging. Having witnessed my brother, a Vietnam vet, struggle daily with PTSD, Agent Orange, alcohol abuse, and anger, this read will give you a better understanding of what goes on daily just to feel normal.

Each of these men cling to each other for support and sanity. Many do not realize that these soldiers often can only relate to those who have been through the same experiences. The author made me rethink my views on assumptions, bonding and relationships. My hopes while reading these stories, is that someday we will accept individuals for who they are, and not try to change them to our standards.

“Something About Ann” by J. Everett Prewitt is a must read for all who are interested in learning about brotherhood, bonding, passion and survival.