Book Review - 360 To Paradise by Casey Marx
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Published on 02/10/2017
5*Fast Paced and Funny

Book Review - 360 To Paradise by Casey Marx


Casey Marx
Laurence Dworet Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9780996745208
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/17)

“360 to Paradise” by Casey Marx puts the reader in the shoes of eighteen-year-old Cody Reese, who is going through a rough time. First, he impregnated one of his best friends, who also happens to be a strict Muslim with a very possessive father. He also managed to anger his drug-dealing boss named Emiliano when he skipped out with $12,000. He comes up with an incredibly unlikely, yet entertaining story about what happened to the drugs of which he was entrusted with selling and delivering the profits. Cody actually used the drug money to try to do something honorable. He paid somebody to help him locate his biological father. Unfortunately, for Cody, he was better off not knowing who this man was. On the other hand, if Cody doesn’t make some changes, he knows he will end up with a future just like his dad’s and it isn’t a pretty one. 

Emiliano knows Cody is lying. This puts Cody in a rough spot because his boss has absolutely no qualms about doing what he must do to make sure Cody either comes up with the money quickly or learns his lesson, the hard and painful way. Cody witnesses the worst of Emiliano’s brutality when it was used on someone else, so he knows he will be lucky to make it out of this one alive. If Cody does survive this experience, he has a probation officer hot on his tail that is determined to have him put away for a very long time. Cody probably should not have tagged his car!

Cody has some huge decisions to make about what kind of future he wants and he knows he must make some changes to get to there. He also needs to be disciplined about these changes or he will end up either dead, or just like his dad with no future. Since this is a fun, irreverent tale, the reader can probably figure out that it isn’t going to be all peaches and cream!

“360 to Paradise” by Casey Marx is fast paced and will have you laughing out loud, while you also realize that you are grateful that this is a work of fiction instead of your real life!