The Auteur by Ward Wood: Book Review
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Published on 10/27/2009
Scott is the new kid in town who likes to look at his life through the lens of his high definition video camera. He has a knack for seeing people s secrets, and it makes him a natural for Max s hardcore website. His videos are raunchy, astonishing, and sometimes hysterically funny. His love affair with fellow director Cody ends when Cody disappears and Scott sets out to find him on a cross country trip from Miami to the Rockies. Part romance, part road trip, part coming of age, "The Auteur" by author Ward Wood is full of enough unforgettable characters to fill a dozen books.

The Auteur by Ward Wood: Book Review
iUniverse (2009)
ISBN 9781440163531
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (7/09)

Abandoned by his mother, who could no longer put up with his father’s abuse, Scott has to suffer alone.  Starting high school in a new town, Scott meets Cody.  Cody immediately intrigues him and lets him know that he is interested.  Unfortunately, Cody betrays Scott almost immediately by secretly filming them for his porn site.  Scott is still drawn to him, but is unsure of what he should do about it.  He continues to hang out with Cody’s group who are also involved with his work.  When Scott suffers violence at his father’s hands, this group of people and especially Cody step in to protect him and be there for him.  As Scott is coming to terms with his feelings for Cody, Cody takes off to look for his lost mother.

Encouraged to find him, by Cody’s father, Scott sets out on a journey that allows him to have some interesting adventures and introduces him to some eccentric characters.  His interactions with these new people help him to discover more about himself and his strengths.  When he finds Cody, he has the chance to be there for him and they discover how strong their feelings are for each other.
“The Auteur” is a very powerfully written coming-of-age novel.  The characters in the story have some very strong attributes that are mixed in with their weaknesses.  It was very interesting to watch them evolve as individuals.  Being homosexual young adults puts lot more stress in their lives.  Working together they learn to support each other. 

Mixed in with the story are some very humorous scenes that involve the pornography industry.  Coupled with many explicit sex scenes, this novel is not for the faint of heart.  I think that young adults, especially those dealing with issues regarding their sexuality, will really relate to this story.  It also might make their lives seem a lot easier.  I highly recommend this novel, “The Auteur” by Ward Wood.