Book Review - Status Quo by Henry Mosquera
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Published on 09/7/2014
This author knows how to set the stage for a great read!

Book Review - Status Quo by Henry Mosquera

Seriously - don’t make plans to go anywhere when you start reading “Status Quo” by Henry Mosquera.  If you are like me, and you need to know what is going to happen next, well then hang on to find out. Could this be book addiction? Loved it! In spite of the back cover talking about the main character, Lemat, dealing with depression and rejection over his unpublished books, this story takes off and goes to a whole new place once you dive into the pages!

Right away I found the characters Dep and Lisa to be a little annoying, hanging around Lemat’s apartment, all the time! Dep is a pain because he always eats all Lemat’s food and never replaces it, while Lisa is always cursing and ready to fight anyone and everyone that wants to hurt Lemat. Lisa is a funny character because she always bully’s Dep for being such a downer about all the books and manuscripts Lemat has written. Lisa keeps encouraging Lemat to move forward and not quit! 

I find that all the characters were well developed and engaging, yet you are left unsure about Dep and Lisa. I kept wondering why in the world Lemat would let Dep trigger so much doubt about his writing and eat him out of house and home. Lisa was funny, she was all about protecting Lemat and always ready to fight for him, literally. I pictured this rough little bully girl kicking some butt. What a potty mouth she has too, but Lemat likes having them both around! 

Guy is the one character that seems suspect, coming from out of nowhere to offer Lemat advice. Guy says that he has a sure way of getting Lemat the recognition he wants but it comes with a price! All Lemat wants is recognition for his numerous literary works that have been continuously rejected. 

Lemat says that Guy’s advice is like “Chinese fortune cookie wisdom” and surely this advice for success comes with a price. And so the book goes….

I recommend “Status Quo” by Henry Mosquera for a great weekend treat.  Curl up and get ready for the ride. This author knows how to set the stage for a great read!

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Status Quo
Henry Mosquera

Oddity Media (2014)
ISBN 9780991660100
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (8/14)