Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Who: ALL-STARS: The 101 Stars Every Fan Needs to Know

By: The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids
Publisher: Sports Illustrated
Publication Date: June 2014
ISBN: 978-1618931078
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld

Do you think you know all the great sports records, from football to hockey? Do you know who was the NHL's youngest scoring champ? What about who was the first European-born

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player to be named MVP of the NBA finals? Prepare to quiz yourself, stump your friends, and even learn something new about your favorite sports in this newest offering from the Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Who series.

To make it easier to find the stats, sports figures and facts you want to know about, the book is divided by sport. Those included are: baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, Olympics, racing, soccer, tennis and Xtreme. There is also a