I have read many mysteries and thrillers written by James Patterson. This author also writes stories in several other genres. This one is a romance called First Love.

First Love is about two teenagers, Axi and Robinson, who meet while getting chemo. Axi's little sister passed away from cancer. Her mother had a difficult time dealing with the loss and decided to leave the family. Axi's father can only deal with all of this by drinking. Axi wants to get away from all of this so she comes up with the idea of going on the road with many stops throughout various states.

Axi realizes she cannot go on this trip by herself. She tells Robinson about her idea and talks him into going along. Many things happen along the way like stealing cars and doing things they really should not be doing. Axi and Robinson have so much fun on the trip and they really enjoy their time together. It doesn't take too long to realize they have fallen in love.

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Their enjoyment is short lived as the illness begins to take a toll on Robinson. What will happen to these two teenagers who are so happy and in love?

As we all know, a first love is very special. This is the story of two teenagers who fall in love but face some very difficult times ahead. First Love shows the reader how important love is when you are going through something very difficult in your life. This is a story of two young kids who seem to mature right before your eyes.

First love is a quick read. The book is well written and the authors do a wonderful job with the character portrayal. The readers will feel like they know the characters as they read the book. It's not one of those "I can't put this book down" stories but it is one that makes you want to keep on reading to see what happens. The story is very funny in places and there are parts of it that will make you shed a tear. If you have read any books by Nicholas Sparks, Mr. Patterson is right up there with the best of the romance writers. Readers young or old will enjoy this book. This might not have all the action of a James Patterson thriller but First Love is a story that will remain with you for a long time.