The Siren's Tale by Anne Carlisle, A Book Review
Colleen Bratley
Colleen Bratley is the author of The Giving Collection and her first young adult novel The Morac. She grew up around a lot of animals and avid book readers in Wisconsin. As these became her passions, she writes to share them with others. Colleen now resides in North Carolina, with family, friends, and of course lots of animals. 
By Colleen Bratley
Published on 09/28/2013
A woman's way can be blatant, subtle or anything in between. In this book a siren and her lineage are that and more. Following them in their trek through the years showed just how manipulative sirens can be, but the author also showed that no matter what, the human side of emotions can actually rule the roost.

In case you don't know

In case you don't know what a siren is, it won't take long to figure it out reading this book.  This story changes the Greek mythology principle a bit, but the basic idea remains.  The beguiler beckons, and the sailor (man) responds.  There are love scenes and explicit details that romance readers will love.  The book is well written by a talented author.

I do have to say though, the story goes from past to present several times, with a lot of characters.  That has always posed a challenge for me.  I don't know what it is, but I tend to question who everyone is, how they are connected, and what impact they have on the character or the story.  So reading this was more involved than usual, but that's just my crazy reality.

The many characters in the book all play a part that impacts the lead character or her descendants, but what you think you understand about one or more of them may surprise you when you turn the page.  I thought I had Cassandra all figured out, but of course I didn't.  The same held true for some of the others as well.  That kind of writing keeps the reader engaged while they try again to figure it all out.

Anne was adept at giving the characters human emotions, but also countering that with their siren abilities and keeping you in the dark as to which would win out.  She makes you realize that we are all good at manipulating things to get what we want when we can, unless fortunately in certain settings, our conscience rules and keeps us sane, compassionate, and loving toward more than just our agendas.  Giving her characters depth and breadth kept them real and interesting.  Showing that the character getting what they wanted to happen didn't necessarily make them feel as they expected, brought you a connection to their lives.  You felt their emotions.

Some authors have a good story, but their writing needs a little work.  Anne is already a skilled writer.  I would really like to see another book with a lot more magic in it.  I think her creative mind would take us on a journey we would remember.  If you think you know what you would do if you were a siren, you might be surprised.  There is so much more to life with love and enriching relationships that were born from natural and simplistic beginnings.  This siren finds out what the difference is and hopes her family will too.  The warnings she ignored must not live on.