Coming Home
B.L. Mooney
B.L. Mooney (2013)
ISBN 9780989192323
Reviewed by Kam Aures for RebeccasReads (05/13)

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“I sat up drenched in sweat and crying for my mom. I knew it was the same dream I always had. I just wished I could remember it. Looking at the clock, I groaned when I saw that I still had three hours before the alarm would go off. I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep. I never have after that dream. The interview that day must have made me more nervous than I thought. I hadn’t had that dream for a few months.” (p. 1)

These are the thoughts of Rebecca Shultz. Rebecca was bounced around through the system up until she was five. Thankfully, she was then adopted by the Shultz family. Although the Shultz’s were great, she still yearned to find out where she came from. Without that knowledge, she felt that a piece of her was missing.

When “Coming Home” opens, Rebecca is preparing for a job interview with a businessman who is coming in from Dallas to meet with her. At the interview he tells her that he would usually have the potential new hire fly to Dallas, but he didn’t want to tip her current employer off that she was being recruited. He says that he has seen her past work and has been very impressed with it. He tells her that he wants her to work in his advertising department and wants her to move to Dallas.

Thus begins a new chapter in Rebecca’s life as she moves away from her family with whom she is very close to, and sets out on her own. She meets a variety of new individuals in her workplace and develops differing relationships with them. Many of her interactions with these individuals cause her mind to turn to thoughts of her past.

I enjoyed reading about Rebecca forming different relationships with her co-workers and liked the bond that she shared with her adoptive mom. The characters were all very well-developed and were quite an interesting lot of individuals. I was drawn in right in the opening pages, which oftentimes isn’t the case, and I was anxious to continue reading to see what would happen next. “Coming Home” was a very easy, smooth read. It would be a perfect book to take to the beach or read by the pool this summer. I really enjoyed the ease at which the story flowed and look forward to reading more from B.L. Mooney in the future.