Mystical Circles
Suzy Watts
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By Suzy Watts
Published on 02/10/2013
The Wheel of Love

Mystical Circles
Mystical Circles by S. C. Skillman Published by Blue Lily Press ISBN:  978-1-62141-758-3 Our heroine, Juliet, an aspiring radio journalist, has begun an assignment to investigate the 'Wheel of Love'.  Her younger sister Zoe has become enamoured with Craig, the leader of this group, and Juliet feels obliged to check out both him and his followers as her filial duty to her sister.  She travels from London to the farmhouse in Gloucestershire where the members are living, with the intention of interviewing Craig and his followers, who turn out to be a rather motley crew!  From various parts of the country, and beyond, these willing souls have been drawn to Craig's retreat for spiritual and mental healing or enlightenment.  Most are pleasant individuals but there are some with a darker, hidden side to their character.  The problems some of these people have are explored and revealed during Juliet's interviews and observations.  Juliet participates in the various activities that the group undertake, whilst conducting her interviews with each person individually.  She attempts to remain a neutral observer during this process, but all the time she is forming her own opinions about the whole experience. With the appearance of a guest speaker, Theo, the dynamic of the group changes.  This is not his first visit to the farmhouse, and it is obvious to Juliet that Zoe is smitten with him, which causes confusion in Juliet's mind.  Didn't Zoe love Craig?  During the week that Juliet is staying with the group, various incidents and accidents ensure that there is never a dull moment, nor any lack of action and interaction between the residents.  Craig's father, Don, is the steadying influence in the house, but eventually even he succumbs to the tensions.  Harsh words are exchanged between father and son, with an explosive conclusion. I really enjoyed reading this book, and would recommend it wholeheartedly.