Dark Water by Jen Talty A Book Review
Colleen Bratley
Colleen Bratley is the author of The Giving Collection and her first young adult novel The Morac. She grew up around a lot of animals and avid book readers in Wisconsin. As these became her passions, she writes to share them with others. Colleen now resides in North Carolina, with family, friends, and of course lots of animals. 
By Colleen Bratley
Published on 02/8/2013
A romantic mystery that keeps you moving, guessing, and enjoying the ride. The characters are endearing, and finding their way through the dark water.

Dark Water by Jen Talty A Book Review

Seeing death leaves a mark on our soul.  A mark that can't be erased, only recognized as another defining part of our ever developing character.  How we accept and define that mark is up to us.  In this story, Frank's soul was marred by such an event, but acceptance is eluding him even though he reaches out to tame its heart wrenching grip.  Determined to change its plight on his soul, he keeps searching for answers to why the death happened in the first place.

Being a young and attractive man is certainly not an obstacle for Frank in the romance department, but sometimes finding 'the one' is difficult.  When Lacy entered Frank's life, seeing her as being 'the one' was difficult, especially when life makes you hide who you really are for fear of losing her for ever.  Frank certainly has some issues, but they are all related to that mark on his soul.

Lacy gave up on finding 'the one' to help her sister.  Now life's course changing events have clouded her ability to see the big picture above the details.  And she seems bent on depriving herself, when she can stay in control, as a way to beg forgiveness from someone who can no longer give that to her.

As both character's lives intertwine, their ultimate goals appear to be the same on the surface, but in reality at the core of their souls, they are quite different.  Each seeks a release, a comfort for their anguish and despair, thinking it will come with the attainment of their goal.  Then as with most romance novels the two slowly realize they are looking at the wrong details that make up the whole picture.

It's actually a pretty good story.  The other characters brought into play provide the diversity, adventure emotional havoc and suspense.  The story line keeps moving at a good pace and even has you guessing at times as to what that person means overall, or what will happen, or is this character involved in this way.  You know what I mean.  The child character I think was really well done.  You could actually see the petulance on his face and hurt in his eyes.  I totally fell for that child and wanted to protect him as much as Lacy and Frank did.  Jen's development of that character was a bright star.  I didn't feel quite the same about the adult leads, but I think I just have a soft spot for kids.

This was an enjoyable story, and well worth the time to read it.  Thanks Jen!