Alphabet Anatomy

Meet the Capital Letters

Linda Ann Jones, Author, Branson Jones, Illustrator

Freison Press, 2012, 32 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1460200476


Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid



This beautifully illustrated book offers a great guide to learning the alphabet.  The reader is introduced to each letter and the letters shapes and personality.  The illustrations are beautiful.

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Even a child that is not yet ready to read will love looking at the various shapes and colors of the alphabet.  Each letter has its own rhyme that makes each letter unique.  The author explains the story behind each letter that came to form the sound and shape of the letter.


Alphabet Anatomy is a great introduction to the alphabet.  The book is an excellent learning tool but also with the colorful illustrations, the book is just plain fun.


The author explains that the book teaches letter shape knowledge or recognition, letter name knowledge, letter sound knowledge and letter writing ability.  As stated earlier I think that a child too young to be ready for writing ability will enjoy this book.