This is one book that I would definitely recommend it is a very well put together guide on improving the state of your health. This adeptly assembled work really does a great job at demonstrating the detailed diet and exercise programs put together by the authors. Known experts in their respective fields; Daniel Loigerot is a well-known fitness expert and Elina Kaminsky is an expert in nutritional science and both authors guarantee that following their program will yield fantastic results in three weeks.

21 Days to Transform Your Body is a thorough education in taking control of your health with foods herbs supplements and exercises; it is not just about dieting to lose weight and exercising to tone up. The main premise of the book is that all people should diet and exercise according to their specific glandular weakness; which once done in turn will also aid in curing many health issues that have arisen due to that weakness. 

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 The book is broken up into two sections; part 1 is the pertinent overview information, which includes how the endocrine glands affect controlling your weight. Part 2 is the four body type programs.  The exercises are clearly demonstrated and the instructions, concisely written.  Also included are instructions to a five day “kick start” used which is really a detox of sorts because you will have to eliminate the foods that caused the glandular issues within you to begin with, not an easy task but in the long- run worth it.

I enjoyed reading this book; it is easy to relate to, the exercises easy to follow. This book dispenses pertinent information about the mind-body connection and the connection between your endocrine glandular system and your overall health and weight. I enthusiastically recommend this book for readers of all ages.