As a Google blogger, I was happy to review this book and learn how to make money from my blog, though this has proved to be an elusive goal.  Very early on in the book, I am told I only need a credit card (I don’t have one), $5 (probably manage that) and a product or service to offer (don’t have either of those).  I continued to read the book regardless of this early setback and found many helpful ideas, but many of them did not come from the author himself.  One third of the book is taken up by foreword, preface, introduction, interviews with Google experts (all answering the same questions), book recommendations, glossary, index, etc.  The other two thirds I found very helpful indeed and if I ever have a product or service I want to make money from, this is the book I will use to help me in that endeavour.  

The author begins with a history of online marketing, then moves on to optimizing your site, then walks you through the many and various advertising methods, and details the vast assortment of tools and web services available to aid you in your quest to get rich.  Sadly, as the book was published in 2009, a few of his suggestions have gone by the board, as is the case in internet land, everything moves so quickly and new ideas appear at lightning speed.

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Overall, this book has explained many interesting ways to maximise my blog, present its best face to the world wide web and I think it will be very helpful to serious minded bloggers who wish to take it to the next level.  Hopefully, one day, I will include myself in that group.

Nevertheless, this is a very useful reference book for Google bloggers.