Imaginings Press (2011)
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (September 2012)

“Under Sonoran Skies: Prose and Poetry from the High Desert” is a collaboration of authors, a collage of short stories, poems, essays, devotional thoughts, and satire, read by the authors. The readings begin with thoughts on “Visioning the Craft.” The readings complete a full circle to end on the concept of “Crafting the Vision.”

I enjoyed the readings on “Seasons of Life,” the historical look at “The Changing West,” and the thoughts expressed on “Choice and Change.”  I identified with Larry Sakin’s unique use of light satire – word pictures strengthened by the personality projected in his reading. Bill Black’s delivery of his works adds credibility to his insight, subtle humor, and his recognition as a professional storyteller. Kay Lesh’s reading of “Ceremony” left me deep in thought, as I reflected on the memories of celebrations and ceremonies of my past.

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The varied content formats, and author’ insights provide a balance that will engage readers of every age; they provide a broad base of literary styles, which will captivate the interests of a wide audience of reader/listeners.

These writings include experiences drawn from diverse cross sections of life experience from educators, the field of engineering, ministry, law, and various overlapping areas within the performing arts. They are filled with humor, reflections on relationships, and personal observations on business, with personal stories, memories, and biographical sketches.

The five audio CDs each contain two or three chapters from the book which are clearly listed with complete titles and author on the accompanying fold out.

“Under Sonoran Skies: Prose and Poetry from the High Desert” is an ideal way to create reflective meaningful moments, give yourself a personal gift, pass along to family and friends, or for shut-in or hospital visitation. Bill Blake, Jeanne Burrows-Johnson, Susan Cosby-Patton, Kay Lesh, Ph.D., Patricia Noble, and Larry Sakin provide a positive listening experience.