Author Brenda Barrett has done more than a wonderful job of helping the reader see life's difficulties at their worst and how faith and trust in God can see one through. While there are many circumstances that are found within the book that most every reader would relate to in some form or fashion, there are also blessings and hope for those who don't allow the circumstance to control them. When former prostitute Maribel changes her lifestyle, gives her heart to Jesus and begins singing in the local church choir she encounters the new pastor Mark Ellington. Mark is completely head over heels about Maribel until he discovers what she used to do before becoming apart of the church. This is a heart wrenching time for him as he is writing a book on forgiveness, yet he can't seem to get past what she has done in her past.

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All of this is exposed within Maribel's life because of a boss who wants his way with her and a nosy church member who wants her daughter to marry the new pastor. This book shares the conflict that many find in the corporate world as well as within the church. No one is immune to trouble and difficulty, it is how one handles it that makes them strong and the person that God intended them to be. Being in the church or without doesn't protect one from gossip and hurt, but having Jesus to turn to in the time of need is the difference maker. This is a very well written book from beginning to end. I desire to read more of author Brenda Barrett's material after reading this soul searching book. If you are looking for a book to stretch your forgiveness level this would be a great read to challenge you to become the person you should be in the area of forgiveness. 5 of 5 stars