Review of 20 Shades of Purple
Annie Johnson
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By Annie Johnson
Published on 09/16/2012
Joanna and Otto Levell are ordinary, middle-aged, empty nesters; until Joanna reads a popular series on sex, bondage, and domination. Armed with sex manuals, marital aids, and the advice of her best friend Wendy, Joanna pushes the boundaries of their love life. 20 Shades of Purple is a delightfully naughty, fast-paced story which perfectly blends honesty, laugh-out-loud humor, and adult themes. This book contains sexual references and adult language and is intended for adult readers.

Review of 20 Shades of Purple
20 Shades of Purple is a humorous, adults-only parody of Fifty Shades of Grey written by Chris MacRye. The story follows Joanna and Otto Levell, an ordinary, mild-mannered, middle-aged couple who has been married for over 20 years now and are just trying to add a spark to their marriage. Joanna works as a Christian Camp Counselor and Otto works in a sort of standard office type setting. Joanna starts to read spicy romance books that really start to stir up her imagination. She wants to try new things with her husband, bored with the same old routine that they had been doing for entirely too long. Otto is reluctant at first, especially when Joanna mentions the potential for things to escalate to the level of a full-fledged police investigation, but he ultimately is talked into going along with Joanna’s idea. It’s a shock to the system when Otto first lays eyes on the Kama Sutra guide and sort of unsettling how into it his wife is becoming. Their first night of wild and crazy ends in a dislocated neck and some unanticipated injuries. Not exactly the sort of result one expects to read in a romance novel, but certainly one that readers would expect if they tried the same acrobatic feats in their own bedrooms. The couple is likable and funny. Their bickering is ordinary and believable to the degree that they are identifiable to most readers. The love they share is established firmly in the book, which only serves to make their clumsy attempts at spicy romance the funnier. Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey will likely enjoy this book as it pokes fun at all of the parts of the book enjoyed the most while still bringing the down-to-earth realism of what twenty-plus years of marriage looks like. The book is charming and endearing while still offering up that adult humor that will give readers something to laugh about with friends and spouses. The style of the language is conversational and easy to follow. Be sure to keep this book away from young readers as there are, of course, strong adult themes in this book. This book will be great for when you’re particularly stressed and need a good laugh.