My Brother The Zombie
Patricia Reid
I share my love of reading with my two daughters and my granddaughter. One daughter loves romance, the other loves mystery and my granddaughter, twenty-one, reads a variety of books. Reviewing books has introduced me to many authors that are new to me. When I read a book to review and enjoy it I usually try to obtain other books by that author. I work part-time and my main interest is reading. 
By Patricia Reid
Published on 09/11/2012
A Y/A book to satisfy the hungriest reader.

MyBrother The Zombie

My Brother The Zombie

Douglas R. Cobb

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Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid


Douglas Cobb's latest Y/A book is the story of Ben and Kyle Brooks, brothers from Centralia, Arkansas.   The Blaxons are aliens on a peace-making mission to earth. Ben gets a little too close and is infected by the Zombie virus.  When Ben realizes what has happened he concludes that it is very cool to be a zombie.  Brother Kyle who narrates the book is not so sure that being a zombie is cool and is very worried when Ben decides to turn the fact that he is a Zombie into a money making project.


Kyle accidentally is infected with the virus and is not very happy about that fact but does find that girls are attracted to him.  Kyle and Adele becomes a couple and the two along with Ben, who is the driver, begin a regular weekly trip to the warehouse where the trio receive an alternate source of food known as "Long Pig."  The "Long Pig" temporarily satisfies the craving for human flesh.  Just the description of the alternate source of food killed my appetite for a while.  


When it is announced at the warehouse where the "Long Pig" is picked up that the people would have to obtain an alternate food source, the crowd went wild and the messenger making the announcement is torn apart limb by limb.


It seems there are several stages to the zombie virus and Ben, Kyle and Adele are in the stage where they are still able to function as normal human beings. Kyle and Adele obtain jobs at a business that is experimenting with zombies.  Kyle has high hopes that the job will lead to the answer and a cure for the zombie virus.  When some of the feral zombies rebel Kyle and Adele are able to escape but it is a very narrow escape. 



Kyle is a strong character and just wants the Zombie virus to disappear.  Ben, on the other hand, seems to like being a Zombie.   Soon a revolution breaks out among the Zombies and it is a real war but instead of being fought in a foreign country the war is fought right in the state of Arkansas, United States of America.


The book is full of enough horror and gore to satisfy even the most hungry reader.  Any fan of the supernatural will enjoy this book.