How To Open & Operate A Financially Successful Personal and Executive Coaching Business: With Companion CD-ROM
Darin Godby
42 years old, enjoys reading and reviewing material. 
By Darin Godby
Published on 08/20/2012
Authors Kristie Lorette and John Peragine have put together a very detailed and well organized book on how to open and operate a Coaching Business. I found their book to be very understanding and a must read for someone who is considering being a personal or executive coach. Two of the chapters deal with the timing of starting this type of business as well as what type of coach you would want to be. There is a great amount of energy spent in helping the reader know what type of coach they would like to become. If someone is too general in their description, then someone else who is more specific will get the job. Find out what you are good at, like to do and then go in that direction. These two issues are very important as to the success that one would have within this field. There is information on how and where to set up one's office, how to create a business plan and establish client fees. The authors also reminds the readers of the importance of getting the business legally structured correctly while discussing the various options available. When starting this type of business one must realize there is a great amount of time spent in securing the client. However, also realize there is time involved during the process of working with the client as well as after the meeting as you prepare for additional coaching sessions. There is also much needed information on how to secure new clients and maybe even as important how to keep them. So many new business owners focus on the growth then forget those who they already have on board and we are reminded to take care of those who have already joined our business and they in return will take care of us. There is also a list of coaching schools and organizations and a bibliography for additional research and reading. The extra nice part that the authors have included is a CD-ROM that contains all the forms within the book as well as a editable business plan. This book was provided by for my honest review. 5 of 5 stars