The Ultimate Guide To Building And Marketing Your Online Business With Free Tools is a social media marketing guide by Gabriela Taylor meant for those who are either currently or planning on running their own online business.

The very first part of the book outlines the reasons for at least having an online presence if not running the business at least partially online. From there, the author provides sections on researching competition, developing a marketing budget, finding tools that fit that budget, building a website with effective content, utilizing free resources, keywords, social profiles, advertising, and even business-to-business partnerships. Each part of the section is outlined very clearly with absolutely no fluff.

In the first section after the introduction, Taylor describes various different websites that allow users to track their competition. The chapter is laid out in an organized fashion with the website name, a screen shot, and a brief description of what each website can be used for. It was very interesting to see such a resource laid out so clearly and I feel that it makes the vague task of “research your competition” feel much more defined and easier to tackle. This chapter offers quantifiable ways to do that which is very useful.

When it comes to websites, Taylor lays out the various options

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that the reader has in starting their own, whether to use a free domain or a paid one and where to buy a domain. I didn’t know there were any substantial difference between web hosts, but Taylor lays out those differences in a way that makes sense. The descriptions though aren’t biased so as to drive readers to one over the other, but rather are set up to allow the reader to think about what it is they want in a web host in a way that many probably haven’t thought before.

The part about developing a marketing budget is probably the most realistic one I’ve come across, especially for those looking to start a small online business. Taylor does not assume that you want to spend much of anything on marketing at all, but offers that as an option. She describes the various free marketing and publicity tools that exist on the Internet and how to go about utilizing them. Even the part about developing graphics and getting a logo for the company has solutions for those who have a pretty small budget.

The best way to describe this book is a collection of resources with description of when to use each one. You will read this book as a starting point to then branch outward to run your online business on your (nonexistent) budget. This is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to start an online shop and I know that most readers will appreciate that it is so easy to read, navigate, and take away useful information on.