Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Suzy Watts
Writer and blogger 
By Suzy Watts
Published on 06/14/2012
Jack Sloan Has Arrived!

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by Larry Seeley

Published by Eloquent Books

ISBN  978-1-60976-099-1


This is an everyday tale of conmen, and conmen being conned, and conmen being very unhappy about being conned! 

Our hero, Jack Sloan, was the one conning the conmen, and he is about to feel the wrath of those conned.  He becomes involved in a new adventure to secure financing for a project in Canada with native Americans, but his plans fall apart spectacularly and he barely escapes with his life.  He feels he has let his business partners down, and vows to bring the scammers to justice - his kind of justice.

With the money from his earlier venture, he bought a large ranch and a bar in Santa Fe, and had hoped his wild days were over, but they catch up with him in a big way.  He and his friends devise a plan to get the lost money back but this turns into a long and difficult venture and not all of them come through unscathed.  Their number one enemy is a lady banker who runs financial cons on a grand scale and she is looking to avenge the death of her partner on their last job together.  She sees the hunt for Jack Sloan as not only a way to take revenge but also a way to make money along the way.  She plans an elaborate honey trap for investors with the hope that Jack Sloan will be tempted by the financial package she is offering.  Once she has located him and drawn him into her web, she plans to kill him in the most painful way possible.  She then plans to retire to enjoy the huge profits from her scams, but how often has she thought of retiring then become bored and return to the fray?  She enjoys the game too much to leave it behind.

The final showdown has some surprises for more than one of the protagonists, and there are enough survivors to continue their adventures in the sequel, 17 Degrees North, and I hope it is as good as this one.  A real page-turner.