Deception Island by J D Boss

Published by Publish America

ISBN  978-1-4241-7312-9


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This tale of intrigue begins in Afghanistan at an archaeological dig, but the action quickly transfers to the Antarctic, where an unusual body has been discovered in an ice cave.

Rachel, our heroine, who is an anthropologist, is requested by a colleague to travel to the icy wastes to help investigate the mysterious cadaver.  They are based near Deception Island, where there is a long abandoned whaling station, and strange happenings keep everyone on their toes.  There are stories told of a Nazi wartime facility below the ice, but these have never been proved.

Rachel’s fiancé Richard suddenly appears at their base, when he should be in Rhode Island.  Rachel has become close friends with her colleague’s nephew, Trevor, and Richard’s arrival leaves her confused.  Why was he there?  Why is he acting so strangely towards her?  Why does she doubt her feelings towards him?

While excavating the site in Afghanistan, Rachel had discovered a pendant with symbols which appeared to move.  The markings on the pendant are almost identical to some found near the body they are investigating, and the mystery deepens.  After the occasional shooting and stabbing, the goodies and baddies battle it out for the secret that only Rachel is the answer to, though she is unaware of the reason why.

This fast paced thriller was a most enjoyable read, I was hardly able to put the book down once I had begun to read it.  Excellent writing and researching by the author with many twists and turns to the plot, which held the suspense until the very end.