Return of the Dittos
lisa BrownGilbert
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By lisa BrownGilbert
Published on 06/5/2012
A review of the book Return of the Dittos

A review of the book Return of the Dittos

A short story is always enjoyable as long as it makes sense, entertains and holds the reader’s attention for its short life span. A prime example of well written short stories can be found in the book Return of the Dittos and other stories. This book is a collection of unique, absorbing and entertaining short stories by author Dale Andrew White that definitely meet the criteria for the enjoyable short story.  Andrew Dale White is also the author of Moe Howard Died for Our Sins which is another well received novel.

Author Dale White is a marvelous storyteller that has a keen talent for producing humorous and sometimes fantastical stories that often arise from a rather skewed point of view. The stories included in this well written collection are very entertaining with lots of wit and satire to entice the reader to read on and before you know it you have reached the end of this great read. While reading this book I often found myself laughing out loud many times and other readers will experience the same which made it enjoyable and an easy read.

All of the stories in this book are great but there are a few that continue to resonate  well after reading such as An Unlikely Story, The Return of the Dittos, Labors of Peon, Crossed Paths and The Simpkins Revelation. Ranging from the witty to the bizarre and all the stories in this collection are worth the read and I enthusiastically recommend this book.