By Richard A Singer, Jr.


Experience Immediate Positive Change


Singer had me with the first page. I thought I would gain a few tidbits of insight and understanding of the great minds. Little did I know that I would be immediately captured!


His clarity and insight to the soul and spirit are refreshing.

I found myself shifting into spiritual gear with the first daily meditation. We often read about spiritual change and positive affirmation; but this book has a subtle--- gentle--- but powerful way of helping you get there. The depth of the passages and meditations reveal his advanced and aware state of being.

There are thousands of self help books on the market. This one will influence and stay with you.

The book is well written and laid out in an easy to read manner. I found every daily inspiration to be worthy and helpful.

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For each day of the year, he selects a passage of inspiration or reflection coupled with a meditation. It is a short and easy to read meditation! He then offers questions for your own personal journaling.


I enjoyed the fact that I gained so much in reading so little. The emotional and ethereal response as a reader was fantastic and something I find lasting.

This knowledge and self understating can help you free yourself of stress. It helps you gain self awareness and spiritual advancement.


This book will mean different thing to different readers. If you are depressed, discouraged or blocked – this is good material to help free your thoughts. It can help you move forward and higher.

If you are looking for deeper inner understanding and change, buy this book.

It will stay with you and on your nightstand for a long, long time.

It is a great gift for anyone who is looking for clarity, depth and better understanding of themselves.


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