Semisweet by Jill Brock

Published by CreateSpace

ISBN  978-1453808375


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Our heroines,  Maggie and Odessa, are two enthusiastic amateur detectives who manage to involve themselves in all sorts of scrapes.  Maggie works for a real P.I. but believes she can do the job better herself, and she enlists the help of her friend Odessa, who is a dessert chef at her family-run restaurant in Queens, New York.

Maggie has a new client, a wealthy businesswoman who wants her future son-in-law investigated.   She thinks he is a gold-digger with his eyes on her money.  Maggie offers herself as a wedding planner as cover for her snooping, and she has only three weeks before the big day to make the arrangements and smoke out the dodgy bridegroom. 

Odessa has her own problems at the restaurant, where her cake making business is taking off and she needs more space, but there is one big obstacle in the shape of George.  There is also a bug exterminator who is trying to kill her using his Bug Mobile as a weapon.  When Maggie gets in a jam, Odessa feels obliged to help out as best she can, trying to keep her friend out of trouble but not always succeeding.  Together they look into the background of the bridegroom and find some very unsavoury characters connected with his business dealings.  They chase around town following leads and finding dangerous corners to get backed into.  There is more than one trip to hospital for our protagonists, as they come across quite a few villains on their quest.

A lively, quick-paced yarn that keeps the reader glued to the page.  The characters are an interesting mix of nice and nasty giving a good balance to the book.  An enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more from this author.