by Nancy Oelklaus

Feeling Disconnected?


Are you two different people at work and in your real life? Oelklaus helps you bridge the gap between what you feel you should be and what you truly can enjoy with authenticity. Many people have a work face and a play face. If that is you then you will enjoy a practical and spiritual journey to reconnect your parts!


If you are experienced on the spiritual path and well versed in meditation, you too will learn even more. A deeper level of understanding is before you.


The author walks you through “wayfaring” to “wayfinding.” She explains the transition and how to make that leap.


She gives you tools to aid in transforming thoughts, actions and beliefs. You will feel the baggage being lifted. Oelklaus writes with her heart and infinite wisdom.

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She outlines how not to be a victim in your personal and personal life. Looking for the value in others is often a first step. What are the new possibilities with people in your life? She discusses boundaries and the importance of false expectations. What impact does your ego have on your ability to change?  The author writes about the power of truth and love as a new kind of fire in your life. She outlines many techniques and methodologies in each chapter.


This is a self guide book; a tool to help you "tune" in to your feelings and intentions by first loving yourself.


Her stories are heart warming and informative. The exercises at the end of the chapters will help you on a very personal and deep level, allowing you to stretch, affirm, and free yourself. She provides excellent references and many suggestions for further reading.


Authenticity is a read away. Well done.


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